“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” -- Paul Caponigro

Making Portraits of Strangers is like an addiction

More you do, the more you want !










The eyes are blinded in time's test. The skin is folded over the weathering they had. Yet the light bears the stamp of being, alive and awake.





Apprehension and Anticipation
The man might or might not have gotten a ride back home for he had no money but he had hope. He waited in Drass sector for some money to get back to his hometown and the photographer was his hope.
  It's exciting to make portrait of strangers !
A girl I met at midnight in Iceland. Or a girl with whom I exchanged a glance barely for few few seconds.
The more I travel, the more people open up
be it a veteran soldier in Paris or a spanish traveller in Hampi, one of the oldest relics in India, while sharing his expression with another species who bears the trait of our past.

Friends in need, are friends indeed !

Friends are fun to shoot with !
The fall of a season

It's when the the season of fall passes on the baton to the cold waves from the north. The leaves shape up like the fire that we would need in our living rooms to see through the cold days.
The Bulgarian Beauty

An incredibly charming and beautiful  friend of mine from bulgaria.










I have been known to carry my camera with me everywhere.


Agata from Lithuania. Met her in the supermarket and she agreed to pose for this picture. 













Kids are challenging to shoot with
But I always have a way with them !

Fancy having a portrait of you ?

I am just a message away !

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