Life style Photography

" Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday." -- Wikipedia








I love to capture the real emotions which will bring back a train of visual memories  even after years. Be it a newly married couple just after their wedding ...





















... or the groom getting ready for the wedding while the best man is waiting at the door. By the way ! This photograph was selected as a editor's favourite in National Geographic Magazine. 















Candid Moments







My focus is always to capture a candid moment in  artistic way to transport the viewers to that moment. Be it a carnival in lausanne or International yoga day celebration event at United Nations Geneva, or the "Holi" celebration (festival of colors) , I always find such moments.








Street Photography







Many of my images fall under street photography genre. I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. Photography has become so much integral part of my life that I feel guilty if something interesting happening infront of my eye but I don't have a camera with me ! 








Not bound by Genres 








Most of my images don't fit into a single genre. Some are taken during a ballet concert while some during a lazy summer evening by the lake side.









As it is happening







It's about anything happening around me. That means, it could be  a picture taken at restroom of a bar in Czech Republic !










When Images are not enough








Sometimes, it is not possible to share the whole experience through images.

In order to tell a story sometimes I make videos.

When we ended up at Prague after midnight, the experience could only be shared through a video like this one.








Creative Cinematography







In order to express the message sometimes I slow down the time like in the video "Vibrant moments".

And sometimes I speed things up to show you 500 days of timelapse ! 

If that is also not enough, I fly my drone to take the aerial view  ! 









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