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My photographic journey started in 2004, when I first got my mobile phone with a very primitive camera attached to it. I remember shooting hundreds of images every single day back then. It was the time when I just finished my school and went to college to by bachelors in science. I still have all the images and videos I shot of my friends, family and almost anyone I came across. Intention was to store the memories and share with other people. I did not really started thinking about artistic aspects of photography yet  back then. Very soon photography became an integral part of my life and it became a comfortable way for me to interact with my surroundings.  Constant support and appreciation from my friends encouraged me to focus more and more in to photography. 










My interests are myriad. If I am in a city, I like to shoot people on the streets and I equally enjoy shooting wildlife when I am in the jungle. From detailed macro of a ant to aerial view of a mountain, I capture what captures my imagination. I focus on telling story about my life and experiences through my images. I don't like to bind myself in a particular genre of photography.






Professional Photography



Luckily, I don't have to depend on photography to earn my livings. Having a successful career as Scientist, I am not faced with any practical constraints to do any kind of photography project which I don't want to. Every project I do, is a result of my personal interest and dedication. I do take professional assignments from time to time as it gives me opportunity to explore new things, help others and learn immensely from the experience. I am frequently asked if I have plan to take up photography as a full time profession. Well, may be not as full time, as I do enjoy my  research in physics equally but I do intend to continue photography professionally as part time so that it can become a self sustainable hobby, which is by the way very expensive one !




Recent notable achievements include publicaiton of a aerial image of mine in National Geographic magazine and in a book contaning works of world renowned aerial photographers. My aerial work on kolkata was appreciated in both in and outside India. My work on Yoga day celebration at United Nation went viral on twitter and got appreciated by several people including Prime Minister of India. 






Social Activities







I am the founder of "Lausanne Photographers and videographers" meetup group which holds regular meetups  with the vision of creating a strong interative photography comunity  in  lausanne, switzerland. I also lead lausanne chapter of international photogrphy events, like 500px or Scot kelby's global photowalk. Stay in touch with me on facebook and instagram to get the live updates of my activity !














In The News


buzzfeed-iconThis Guy Captured Kolkata’s Iconic Landmarks With A Stunning Aerial Video. Photographer Sandip De just uploaded a video which captures the city of Kolkata from dizzying heights. Using a quadcopter, De set out one foggy winter morning to document some of the most breathtaking sights of Kolkata, including Shaheed Minar, The majestic grounds of Victoria Memorial and of course, the iconic Howrah Bridge.



'Waking Up With Kolkata' – This video will make you fall in love with the City of Joy. He is a scientist by profession but a photographer by heart. Dr Sandip De may have left Kolkata for Switzerland to pursue his passion for Physics but his home-town is still where the heart is.



india-today-logo    The video, titled  "Waking Up With Kolkata", captures drone visuals of the landmarks through a spell of fog and sunlight.But along with these heritage sites, the visuals take a peak into the daily life of the city: the buses and cars rushing down the streets and bridges; a boat here, a steamer there, gliding through the river at its own pace. With the screeching horns and loud crowds missing, De's artwork presents the serene face of Kolkata; a Kolkata that has just woken up to a winter morning in all its glory.



Kolkata is one of those Indian cities that can overwhelm you by its swirling humanity. People spilling out of buses, trams, auto-rickshaws, trains. People on roads, pavements, parks, bridges. Honks blaring, bells of rickshaws clanging the buzz of humanity enveloping your senses. If you have lived in the city or experienced it even briefly, this video, uploaded by a young Switzerland-based photographer Sandip De, will be a delight. An aerial 4K HD view of Kolkata on a winter , the video titled “Waking Up With Kolkata”, shows a clutch of Kolkata landmarks like Shaheed Minar, Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral.


Rarely do you get to see your city like you look at a painting. It's aloof monuments, its greying roads, its muddy rivers and green lakes. If you have lived and loved in Kolkata, here's your opportunity to apprise yourself to the beauty of the city you live in. An aerial video of Calcutta, shot by Sandip De, will sure to make you homesick if you are from Kolkata. And may make you want to visit the city of you have never been there.

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